Audiometrix is the audio companion for the Stranger Things podcast, released regularly between episodes of the show.

In Audiometrix, host David Kanter takes fans deeper behind the scenes, exploring the people, the places, and the events that make Stranger Things what it is, all in one easy-to-download MP3. In this way, Audiometrix truly is "the sound and the soul of Stranger Things."

(AUDIO) LIVE FROM THE SINGULARITY: David W. Kanter and Matt F'n Wallace, on stage, in front of 400 people.  God knows what could happen.

In this episode, David Kanter brings us one of the more in-depth interviews with Scott Sigler, author of Earthcore, Ancestor, and Infected.
In this new audio companion to the Stranger Things video podcast, Audiometrix host David Kanter sits down with award-winning author Gary Braunbeck to discuss his short story Rami Temporales, the Stranger Things adaptation "One of those Faces," and the adaptation process in general.